Do you have a desire to travel the world but can’t do it because you don’t want to break the bank?

Are you among the numerous people who believe that traveling is expensive?

Ditch that mentality and pay close attention.

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. What you need to do is to prioritize what’s important to you. So, how can you do it? Here are our top seven tips for traveling affordably:

Have a list of potential destinations

Are you thinking of traveling to Paris, Bali, Thailand, or wherever? Take a pen and a paper and make a list of all your possible destinations. After that, research which destination is the most affordable during your desired travel time.

Here’s what you should look in to:

1. The affordability of flights to each destination.

2. The country’s economic state. With this, aim to find out the exchange rate of your country’s currency.

3. Determine when you want to travel. Peak seasons are much more expensive than off-season.

4. Whether the city you wish to visit is tourist-friendly or not. Tourist -friendly towns are more expensive. You should opt for smaller cities.

Use helpful apps and sites when researching flights

Searching for cheap flights can be tricky, especially with the plethora of websites claiming to provide this service. If you want to save some money, avoid airline websites like the plague.

Use third party apps and sites such as GoogleFlights and Skyscanner to help you save some coins.  


The best way to save on accommodation is by avoiding hotel rooms. Here are some reasonable alternatives:

1. Dorm rooms in hostels. Sharing cuts down costs and provides an opportunity to meet new people who you can explore with.

2. Websites that arrange home-stays such as Airbnb, CouchSurfing, WWOOF, and others. They all facilitate home-stays and are more budget-friendly as compared to hotels. They also give you a chance to experience real life in the town.

3. You can sleep in a tent, especially if you’re to travel during warm seasons. All you need is a tent

Travel light

Stop traveling like a mule. Packing light is essential to avoid luggage costs and to give you more room to bring souvenirs.

Travel rewards program

With travel reward cards, the more points or miles, the more benefits in terms of discounted travel. Depending on which cards you sign up for, you earn miles or points that you can later redeem for flights, hotel stays, and other expenses. When redeeming your travel points, you should try to maximize the value you get per point.

Use student and other discount cards

Are you a youth, a teacher, or a student? With some discount cards such as ISIC, Youth travel cards, ITIC discount cards, etc., you can get money off in travel. These cards can save you money off flights, accommodation, shopping, and entertainment all over the world. 

Take advantage and grab these discount cards.

Other cards to take advantage of are city tourism cards. These will help you save money on site seeing

Make money while still traveling

The following are some ways you can earn money while traveling.

  • Volunteering. NGOs provide some of the safest volunteering opportunities. If you have a particular passion, for example, environment, you can check out international charities in those fields.
  • House-sitting- It involves taking on responsibilities in someone’s house at a fee. The person leaves their home under your care for a while. You can stay there for free or get paid for the responsibilities. Websites such as Mindmyhouse offer such opportunities. 
  • Teach your native language.
  • Freelance-sell your services online on different sites such as upwork, fiverr, and many others.

Bottom line

Traveling can be expensive. However, with a little creativity and research, you can afford to travel the world. Just use any of the above tips and always be on the lookout for good deals.

Caroline Wanjiru

May 25, 2020