“I am tired of N*ggas Complaining”

3 Steps Killer Mike Wants the Black Community to Take 

A few weekends back we attended the REVOLT Summit presented by AT&T  in Los Angeles, California and we couldn’t help but sit in on Killer Mike’s talk on the upcoming 2020 election. To our surprise, he stressed that progress in the black community is less about politics and more about black individuals simply being treated as free people. Below are the three key steps Killer Mike wants you to take when demanding your freedom.

Do Not Try to Fix White People

If you’re a black person, I can almost guarantee you that you experience racism daily. However, the solution to dealing with racist people is not to fix them. “Stop hating people [and] hate systems” Killer Mike shares. The importance lies in finding allies that will fight the system on behalf of justice and not sympathy. When we look to combat racism, the focal point should not be convincing white people to sympathize with our issues to treat us differently. Looking for sympathy often leads to finding people who will fold and revert back to the system when it best conveniences them. Therefore, we need friends, comrades, and allies that will challenge the systematic discrimination against black people our nation was built on and will unapologetically fight for the equal treatment of all people regardless of the consequences. 

Understand the Power of the Local Vote

With the presidential election quickly approaching, many of us are focused on who will be leading the United States come next year. Killer Mike shuts that entire mentality down. “Do not sit back every four years and wonder who is going to be president” he shares. “Change the system on a local level first.” The power of the local vote is underestimated every day but is exactly where the black community needs to shift its attention to. “Once you realize what you won’t tolerate, you will begin to renegotiate” Killer Mike shares. Colorado was able to legalize marijuana usage. California banned private prisons from being able to profit off of black bodies. At the local level is where progressive movements get their start and we need to take more action if we want to see change. Our power lies in our neighborhoods with our mayors, judges, and representatives. Killer Mike encourages the black community to get their boots on the ground and require something of the people we vote into these positions of power. If we don’t, we are as much to blame for our problems. 

Believe in Compassionate Capitalism

Every day we hear people say “support black businesses”, but, how many of us are doing that and doing it right in our own communities? As his talk came to an end, Killer Mike emphasized the importance of giving back and investing in the neighborhoods we grew up in. “We need to turn busboys into business owners” he shares while telling a story of how he took the resources he gained through his platform and gave it directly to supporting black ownership in Atlanta. To Killer Mike, this is compassionate capitalism. We shouldn’t fear the financial structure in the United States, but instead, utilize it to build up our communities and make sure black ownership is not a rare occurrence. 


Vicky Inoyo

Vicky Inoyo

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