Top Hollywood Manager Dre London Talks How to Successfully Manage an Artist

As one of the top managers in the music business, Dre London has nearly mastered how to successfully support an international superstar. One of his most recognizable acts is Post Malone, who Dre helped secure several multi-platinum singles including “Congratulations (Diamond), “Rockstar (8x Platinum), and “White Iverson” (5x Platinum). This weekend, he shared with us his knowledge when it comes to music management at the REVOLT Summit presented by AT&T. Here are our top three takeaways from Dre London on managing talent, brands, and businesses. 

  1. You Can’t Do Everything → “You’re having late nights. Your artist is up [until 3 or 4 am] and you got calls at 10 am. You got to be up for the calls. You got to be taking care of what needs to be taken care of in their lives the next day. It’s very, very hard, but you need to find that medium and spend as much time possible getting everything [important] done.”
  1. Assemble a Solid Team → “You have to assemble a team that is like cotton wool wrapped around the artist. Everyone has the same main goal – protect the artist. If the whole team is on the same page knowing that you have to protect the artist every step you go, you start to avoid [people being in your artist’s ears].”
  1. Remember Your Brand→ “ I remember when I first entered the game. I was thinking ‘What the hell! [Why is] someone not replying to a one million-dollar email?” Now I see that every day. If it doesn’t fit your artist’s brand, it doesn’t make sense. That one million dollars is short time money.”

Back in 2008, Dre left the U.K ready to launch the biggest management company in music. However, he soon became frustrated due to the unfortunate reality in the industry of clients cutting managers out of deals. “There’s no love in the music business.” Dre often says. Nearly a decade later, Dre’s experiences have led him to become one of the most successful managers in the music scene. With all that he has accomplished, he’s worth listening to. 

Vicky Inoyo

Vicky Inoyo

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