Here at BWR we really stress the importance of curating your timeline so that you can learn in your leisure time. As we bring 2019 to a close, we’d to highlight 30 entrepreneurs that we think you should be following to provide value to the TL. This list is not in any particular order, all of these people educate the masses in their own way. Following them in 2020 is sure to help you on your journey to financial freedom.


1. Chris Senegal (@_invstr) IG [@invstr_] Twitter 


Christopher Senegal is an avid real estate developer, wealth builder, and entrepreneur coach based out of Houston Texas. His primary goal is to educate his audience on financial literacy and wealth building. Chris offers a number of services from coaching and consulting, to mentoring, and courses. He has several companies, Invictus Properties, Invictus Development Group, and Commercial Rail Solutions, and Lennox Homebuyers. On top of the many companies he owns, Chris recently launched a  $1 million crowdfund to give those in the community an opportunity to own a piece of a cash-flowing rental portfolio located in Houston’s historic 5th ward.  Chris can be found on Instagram at @invstr and on Linkedin and Facebook under Chris Senegal. 


2. Rashauna Scott (@rashaunascott) IG

Rashauna Scott is a licensed real estate broker and investor based out of Chicago who is the founder of @flippinginheels, a real estate investing brand targeted specifically for women. Rashauna also specializes in raising private capital for homes and has created an annual real estate investing membership under her @flippingheels brand for women only. She can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.



3. Xavier Miller (@xaviercmiller) Instagram [@xaviermiller] Twitter

Based out of California, Xavier Miller is the founder of Parkhill Capital (@parkhillcapital) a multi purpose investment firm specializing in real estate. In addition he is the co-host of the Millionaire Mindsets Podcast (@mmindsetspod), a top 100 Apple Business Podcast. His areas of expertise include flipping houses, real estate investing, and providing consulting services. He also runs his businesses with his partner Deanna Kent @deannakent and can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and IG


4. Brandon Jones (@B_REInvest) Twitter

Self-made millionaire Brandon Jones is a business owner and investor based out of Memphis, Tennessee.

He is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and the co-founder of 200k financial community. Brandon provides consultations for those interested in real estate investing and does real estate deals currently in the following cities; Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, and Memphis. Brandon can be found at @B_REInvest on twitter and Instagram providing massive value to the timeline, educating entrepreneurs on the many different facets of running a successful business. 


5. Hoodestates (@hoodestates) IG

Sandy & Paki

Paki & Sandy aka Hood Estates, a couple based out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, area of expertise is real investing in urban areas and investing in the trucking industry. Their main specialty is creating passive income by exposing investment opportunities within the trucking industry. They provide masterclasses, mentorship programs, and courses on the trucking businesses as well as real estate investing. Their other brands include their merchandise brand Invest as a Team investasateam.com which allows you to become an affiliate. They can be found @hoodestates on all social channels. 


 6. Charm City Buyers (@charmcitybuyers) IG

The Charm City Buyers are community wealth builders based out of Baltimore, MD ran by co-founders Khalil & Kyara, a young black couple whose specialty is building legacies through real estate investing. They are the creators of NEXTGen Accelerator which is a ten-week accelerator on investing in real estate with a specific focus on Baltimore, MD with the intent to help participants purchase their first property within 6 months. They can be found at @charmcitybuyers on all social channels.


7. Ericka Williams (@erickasclassyclimb) IG

North Carolina native, Ericka Williams is a popular six-figure youtuber, author based out of Austin,Texas who specializes in lead generation, entrepreneurship, and passive income. Ericka is the creator of classy climb school which includes courses, mentorship and consulting for aspiring entrepreneurs, executives, and freelancers. Her brand specializes in helping you create multiple streams of income, growing your business, and ultimately cultivating a work from anywhere lifestyle. She can be found on IG at @erickasclassyclimb and on Facebook at Ericka Shonta Williams.

 8. Teri Ijeoma (@imaninvestor) IG

MIT alum Teri ljeoma is a well-known stocks and options trader based in Dallas, Texas who teaches people how to invest in the stock market. Her website investwithteri.com offers courses on how to receive passive income from the stock market by teaching you everything from how to pick the right companies, read stock charts, and how to prevent yourself from losing money. Teri can be found on IG at @iamaninvestor and Facebook as Teri Ijeoma.


9. Wall St. Trapper (@wall_street_trapper) IG

Leon Howard aka The Wall Street Trapper is a well-known black stock market investor from New Orleans who primary focus is educating the culture and empowering new investors on how to build wealth by investing in the stock market. His brands include the trapper university thetrapperuniversity.com which includes multiple courses such as stock market investing, investing in marijuana, and even courses on investing in mobile homes. The Wall Street Trapper can be found on IG at @wall_street_trapper, Twitter @Wallstreet504 on Facebook @wallstreettrapper.


10. Ashely Ann (@kingashleyann) IG

Ashley Ann based out of Little Rock, Arkansas and Dallas, Texas, is well known for helping people monetize their brands and social media platforms. She provides a number of courses, products and one on one business consulting that explores everything from social media lead generation to understanding Instagram’s algorithm. Ashley can be found on IG and FB at @kingashleyann. Also check her out at ashleyannspeaks.com for more info.


11. Rashad Bilal (@rashadbilal) IG

Based out of New York, Rashad Bilal is a financial advisor and host of the very popular Earn Your Leisure podcast along with educator Troy Millings. The Earn Your Leisure Podcast is highly respected among heavy hitters in the real estate and entrepreneur game from the Wall Street Trapper to Dj Envy. The University of Hawaii graduate also runs his own financial advising firm in White Plains, New York. Earn Your Leisure can be found on all social channels including YouTube, Spotify, Anchor, and Apple podcast. More detailed information about Rashad can be found on LinkedIn.


12. Ari Hale  [@WhutTheHale] Twitter

Ari Hale is a retired digital marketing launch manager turned tech guru. Ari transitioned into the world of tech with a number of focuses from Data Science and Cyber Security to Cloud Architecture and AI. She is AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and an Asana Certified Pro. For coaching and collaboration opportunities, check her out at learnwithari.com. Ari is on all social channels including LinkedIn and based out of Las Vegas.


13. O’Neil Parker (@realestate.entrepreneur) IG

The Real Estate Entrepreneur

Louisiana native O’Neil Parker is an inspiring real estate investor, mentor, and entrepreneur with a focus on real estate investing, business credit, and credit repair. He also gives a tremendous amount of value on his YouTube channel from flipping houses and wholesaling to rehabbing to managing tenants. O’Neil can be found on IG, FB, LinkedIn and YouTube.


14. Ayesha Selden (@ayeshaselden) IG [@ayeshaselden] Twitter

Hailing from Philadelphia, real estate mogul Ayesha Selden is a very passionate real estate and Wall Street investor known for giving raw and unfiltered advice about ownership. The Philadelphia native who is most passionate about investing in and revitalizing black communities, is a private wealth advisor and managing partner at Selden & Berryman Financial Group. Ayesha can be found on IG and Twitter and can personally connect with her on Linkedin.


15. Kezia Williams (@keziamw) IG

Professor Kez, Black Upstart


Business coach, investor, and teacher Kezia Williams is the founder of Black UpStart school a school that teaches and trains black entrepreneurs and aspiring black entrepreneurs how to start successful and profitable businesses. Based out of Washington, DC, Kezia also gives a wealth of information on investing and financial management. You can connect with Kezia on IG, LinkedIn, Twitter or by joining her private Facebook group.


16. Dana & Donell (@danachanel) (@princedonell) IG Couple

Popular Power couple Dana and Donnell are very respected and well-rounded entrepreneurs most popular on Instagram who are known for giving an enormous amount of valuable information on everything from entrepreneurship, wealth building, and relationship advice. The Philadelphia based couple combined run a variety of businesses which include their tax preparation business jumping Jax Tax, Alakazam apps their app building business, and Sprinkle of Jesus app a personal development app for Christians just to name a few. More info on this inspirational couple can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and always connect with them on IG.


17. Ms. Business (@ms.business101) IG

Based out of New York, Shaquanna Brooks AKA Ms.Business is a CPA, business owner, & financial literacy and tax expert. She offers tax consultation and preparation services and a number of helpful resources on financial literacy through masterclasses and eBooks. You can connect with Shaquanna on LinkedIn, FB, and can quickly gain access to a variety of resources on her Instagram page.

18. Andre Hatchett (@andrehatchett) IG

Known as “Mr. Buy Black” nationally acclaimed entrepreneur, philanthropist, and owner of Priority Notary Inc, Andre is a strong advocate in entrepreneurship and buying in black communities. Andre Hatchett, is also Mobile Notary Business owner and instructor based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Andre also runs a notary business school where he teaches how to obtain financial freedom by owning your own mobile notary business. Andre can be found on IG, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

19. Kashief Edwards (@the_vending_bizz) IG

Kashief Edwards based out of Philly, is a successful vending machine business owner and an expert in the field who is all about passive income. Kashief offers a healthy amount of information about this unique business model via his YouTube channel, his eBook, The Vending Biz, and his course How to Start a Successful Vending Machine Business. He can be found via YouTube, IG, and his private Facebook group.

20. Michelle McCallister (@landlordinstilletos) IG

Michelle McCallister is the creator of Landlord in Stilettos a brand specifically designed for women who have a passion for financial empowerment, real estate, and personal development. She offers a variety of information on managing tenants and real estate investing as well as coaching packages which include passive income, Instagram audits, and first-time real estate investing coaching. Michelle can be found on IG, Facebook, YouTube, and the Landlord in Stilettos Podcast 

21. Brian Robinson (@theinfamousCPA) IG & Twitter

One half of the The Double Up podcast with a focus on personal finance, business, investing and real estate, Brian Robinson is a popular wealth coach and credit repair specialist. Brian offers a ton of resources, tools, and services such as consultations and free downloadable financial resources. Brian is also the founder of the 700 circle credit repair business based out of Chicago. He can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

22. Shelby Parris (@thehiphopauthor) IG

New Jersey native and self-made businessman Shelby Parris is a well-known author with a focus on book publishing. Through his books, Shelby teaches people how to rewire their subconscious mind in order to reach new levels of achievement. He offers consultations and holds a book publishing masterclass where he teaches how to write, publish, and promote your own books. Shelby has written a number of inspirational books and is the owner of Garden Apparel a New Jersey based clothing brand. He can be found via IG and Twitter.

23. Tara Fienex [@fienixtaranova] Twitter

Tara Fienex based out of Atlanta, Georgia, is all about focusing on new and unique ways to make money including a focus on botany. You can book a consultation with her to discuss a variety of streams of income from investing in mobile homes to urban farming. Tara’s website ForStackersOnly.com, suits any business or financial interests from mobile homes real estate, crypto, farming, trading, and other unique business interests. She can be found on twitter and IG.

24. Zamonte Anderson [@zbankent] Twitter

Based in Dallas, Zamonte Anderson is a commercial real estate consultant with years of experience in the commercial real estate field. He has experience brokering apartment complexes, retail spaces, and helping new investors break into the commercial investing market. His company, Zbank real estate, offers a number of services such as opportunity zoning consulting, custom real estate investment strategies, and business and development plans. He can be found on twitter and more information on his site zbankrealestate.com.

25.  Matthew Garland (@mgthemortgageguy) IG

Matthew Garland is a very well known Sr. Mortgage Advisor advisor with based out of New York City. He offers consultations on a number of topics such as refinancing, loans and HELOC. Matthew has appeared in a number of real estate seminars around the country speaking on financial independence and real estate investing including DJ Envy’s popular real estate seminars. Matthew can be found on Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

26. The Downing Brothers (@thedowningbrothers) IG

Chicago natives Anthony and Anton Downing are well-rounded real estate investors, rehabbers and the stars of double down on HGTV. The rehabbing and house flipping duo has an impressive investing portfolio that includes single family homes, apartment buildings, and land development in the Caribbean. They offer a variety of information on financial literacy and real estate and give back to the community with their involvement with Cook County’s free home giveaway program. They can be found on IG and subscribe to their podcast on Apple and Spotify.


27. Money Madu (@moneymadu) Twitter

Money Madu is a fund manager at the black seed group @blackseedgroup a place where investors can pool their money to purchase real estate passively and the owner of Phenyx an athleisure company that promotes self-improvement, mental health, and self-confidence. Madu, who is also the author of the book 10 Reasons Why you are Living Centless, main focus is real estate, stocks, and investing. He also provides consultations on wealth planning and investing. Madu is based out of Houston, Texas and can be found on IG, LinkedIn, and twitter.

28 Nita (@HouseHunter216) Twitter

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, Nita AKA Cousin Nita, is the plug for real estate investing in Cleveland. She is a licensed realtor and real estate investor who is the creator of Blockbusters Wholesaling Academy, an online school that walks you through the entire wholesaling process. Nita also offers a variety of educational resources and has a private group chat exclusively for Cleveland investors. Nita can be found on Twitter and IG.

29. Mobile Home Elite Investors (@mobilehomeeliteinvestors) IG

The Mobile Home Elite Investor’s primary focus is training investors how to make money investing in mobile homes. They offer a wide range of resources from courses, webinars, and exclusive memberships that educate on the world of mobile home investing. The founders, Byron and Sharnice are based out of Chicago and can be found on IG, Facebook, and YouTube.

30. Jay Morrison (@mrjaymorrison) IG

Highly respected entrepreneur Jay Morrison is a very prominent educator whose primary focus is on building wealth and he is involved with several significant businesses. Jay is the creator of his very own academy, The Jay Morrison Academy an educational company that primarily educates on building wealth and financial literacy, he is a partner with Tulsa Real Estate fund a black owned crowdfunded real estate brand, and one of the founders of Our Legacy Center an event center and co-working space in East Point, Georgia. He is based out of Atlanta and can be found on all social outlets, FB, Linkedin, IG, and Twitter. 

Maria Tollier

Maria Tollier